We teach students in China from all ages and differing abilities. Different people want different services from our teachers such as;Business English tutoring,preparation for International English Language Testing System (IELTS),Free talking sessions,Many of our students want help with their pronunciation before they move abroad for study or work to the UK or US as They have only been taught by Chinese teachers with a Chinese accent All class materials are provided.

Due to the time difference the hours it is possible for you to work any time in between 2 am to 4 pm of the UK time. Your time table is flexible. You will have online teaching timetable with us. You can open online slot in your free time for student to book you class. You will be working in a self-employed capacity. each teaching session is 25 minutes. Minimum of 40 hours a month. There is good opportunity for salary increase subject to excellent performance and meet the certain target.


You get bonus when you meet the certain monthly target.

You can refer teacher to us and get 15 pounds bonus for each tutor get hired.

Referring tutor program

If you are not our employee you still can join our recruitment project.You can apply one refer tutor reference number from us by contacting. HR@talk915tutor.com Once tutors apply to us and use your reference number. If they get hired and work for more than a month. You will get 15 pounds paid with each person get hired.

We recruit tutors every month. You always have chance to refer people to us.

Ideal candidate

-TEFL, TESOL, IELTS experience desired

-Must be a native English speaker born or raised in The United Kingdom or The United States,Australia, New Zealand,Canada,South Africa

-Part time of Full time opportunities available (minimum 40 hours a month).

-Happy,talkative,engaging and open.

-Must have a good internet connection.